Monday, October 26, 2009

Masala Movie Bombed!

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Recently, the movie Ooha Chitram was released. And the expectations were high as the movie contains all the masala, a mass entertainer is supposed to have. The movie has Kaveri Jha And Vansi Krishna in the lead. Kaveri Jha has exposed her sexy body to the fullest possible in the Telugu movie. Judging by the posters, people waited anxiously for the flick to hit cinema halls. One poster showed Kaveri in only a bra wearing saree in the most seductive way. The other one showed actor kissing her in very private places like cleavage. But the most erotic of all was a scene in which the actress was kissed on her belly. The scene showed actor burying her nose almost completely in her navel and kissing below navel and just above pubic area. Her saree was tied so below her navel that one could easily glimpse the private parts if it was one more inch below belly. Above is the snap from the scene. You can judge yourself, what was going on in the scene. One cannot help wondering how these artists feel when giving such raunchy shots.

But all this skin show and sexy shots could not save the movie. The movie bombed at box office and the sultry scenes by Kaveri were the only attraction. Many website have blamed the incoherence of script for the failure. It has been proved once more that skin show is not the mantra for success of a flick. But this fiasco may have its upside too. Kaveri Jha has a lot of potential to turn into a sex symbol of Tollywood. Sure many producers must have noticed her oomph and may already have started approaching her with offers.

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