Monday, October 26, 2009

Bathing Video Of Sexy aunty

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aunty ramyasri hot photo
Ramyasri is one of those actresses who have made their own niche in South Indian cinema. She has appeared in many movies as hot aunty. Since demand for aunty type of roles is very good, Ramyasri enjoys fair amount of popularity. Sometimes ago she was in news because of her bathing video which was doing rounds on the world wide web and became very popular. In fact, these type of videos and fake photos have boosted the demand for aunty kind of roles which is suitable for aging actresses as they are not able to get lead roles due to ever increasing competition. This time the clip has come back again to haunt the hot Indian aunty. The video is available on a leading video site and is getting a lot of hits. And the surprising fact is that the video contains no nudity. It just shows Ramyasri bathing in bra panty. Yet the video of this hot aunty is circulating as fast as swine flu!

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