Monday, October 26, 2009

Mallu Masala Aunty Thighs Show

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mallu masala aunty
She is getting mature in age but her oomph and sex appeal has survived the sands of time. She may not be getting mainstream roles but as mallu aunty she is irresistible. We are talking about sexy aunty Ramya Sree. Time and again, this mature actress has come up with hot photo sessions that make it it difficult to forget her. Sure, she is not getting many offers right now, but she must have compelled filmmakers to think about her. In this photo shoot, this mallu aunty is dressed in red hot and a jeans so short that it reveals 90% of her thick thighs. This photo has left many people salivating. In fact, she is all dressed in red. Red lipstick on lips with a mole nearby fires wild thoughts. A red goggle and high heel sandals of same color have made her look like a siren. Hope this photo reaches the intended person so that she can get a meaty role.


by holllywoodnews.blogspot.comForYouTFY,