Monday, October 26, 2009

Kangana Ranaut Will Do A Nude Scene

Kangana Ranaut Will Do A Nude Scene

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kangana ranaut sexy legs
Kangana Ranaut is in news again and for the same reason she was sometimes ago when the Raaz 2 was to be released. At that time she came to lime light for her reported full nude scenes. Although there were no real naked scenes of Kangana in Raaz as body double was used, this time the girl may really go nude in a movie by Jagannath Puri. The actress has no qualms about giving sexy bed scenes and lovemaking scenes but appearing naked is the boldest thing an actress can do specially in Indian film industry. There are rumors that the script of the movie demands the actress to shed her clothes fully but to what extent it is not clear. It is unlikely that the actress will do full frontal but nobody knows the truth as yet and all we can do is wait till more details of movie are released.

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