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Desi Babe In Bra

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babe in bra
She is Ragasiya who has enthralled the viewers by her sensual scenes and hot songs. Appearing in some of the spiciest item numbers this desi babe has taken south Indian film industry by storm. Here she is in one of the most sizzling pose wearing nothing but a red bra.

Masala Movie Bombed!

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kaveri jha hot scene
Recently, the movie Ooha Chitram was released. And the expectations were high as the movie contains all the masala, a mass entertainer is supposed to have. The movie has Kaveri Jha And Vansi Krishna in the lead. Kaveri Jha has exposed her sexy body to the fullest possible in the Telugu movie. Judging by the posters, people waited anxiously for the flick to hit cinema halls. One poster showed Kaveri in only a bra wearing saree in the most seductive way. The other one showed actor kissing her in very private places like cleavage. But the most erotic of all was a scene in which the actress was kissed on her belly. The scene showed actor burying her nose almost completely in her navel and kissing below navel and just above pubic area. Her saree was tied so below her navel that one could easily glimpse the private parts if it was one more inch below belly. Above is the snap from the scene. You can judge yourself, what was going on in the scene. One cannot help wondering how these artists feel when giving such raunchy shots.

But all this skin show and sexy shots could not save the movie. The movie bombed at box office and the sultry scenes by Kaveri were the only attraction. Many website have blamed the incoherence of script for the failure. It has been proved once more that skin show is not the mantra for success of a flick. But this fiasco may have its upside too. Kaveri Jha has a lot of potential to turn into a sex symbol of Tollywood. Sure many producers must have noticed her oomph and may already have started approaching her with offers.

Mini Skirt Ke Peeche Kya Hai?

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mini skirt exposes bum
Well here the question seems to answer itself. The unknown babe wearing miniskirt bends to show off her butt(unintentionally?). Awesome figure!

sex aunty

Sexy Aunty Thighs Show

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Mysterious Aunty Topless

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desi aunty
Got this photo from a forum. Not sure whether she is an actress or a real life aunty. But wish she turned around so that we could have alook at her ... face.

Mallu Anti And Red Saree

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hot aunty in saree
One cannot be sure of this hot aunty's intentions. Can one know what she wants to show? The saree is tied to low that one more inch and you could see her butt crack!

What Do These Sexy Hips Say?

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sexy wide hips
Shakira said Hips don't lie! And we could not agree more. Watch this babe seductively swaying her wide hips in jeans exposing waist.

Bikini Aunty

Bikini Aunty

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hot aunty
One of the hottest aunty seen in bikini. Looking at her one cannot help fanrtasizing about a newly married housewife on her honeymoon coming out of pool.

Kerala Aunty Mini Skirt

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kerala aunty
Sexy Kerala aunty shows her hot thighs in mini skirt.

Hot Expression Of Anushka

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This perhaps one of the hottest photos of south Indian actress Anushka giving the sexy expressions. She is not exposing much, just her sexy belly. But still there is something about her gaze that feels so erotic. The actress has removed saree in such a way that feels like she has done it just for you. Exposing waist worth wrapping one's hand around and a navel worth kissing. Anushka looks like voluptuous Indian woman every man longs for as his wife, sensual and sober.

Salman Khan Katrina Kaif Sex MMS Video Breaks Out

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salman katrina caught in fake mms scandal
Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif affair has always been a subject of hot topics and a favourite of gossip mongers for a long time. Just when we thought that Sallu-Katie stuff had maxed out the gossip market, a new scandal has been surfaced involving the actors. The latest buzz in tinseltown is that a nude MMS of Salman Katrina has been surfaced in Canada and is made avaialble to download by some websites.

The MMS clip shows couple who looks like the actors, doing all kind of hot stuff. It is obvious that either the MMS has used body doubles or morphing technology has been used to create this hardcore video. Whatever be the case, Salman Katrina fake MMS has became the talk of the town. There is no comment either from Katrina or from Salman's side.

Bikini Kamasutra Babe

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mona chopra bikini waistchain
She has looted the senses of many by her sexposures in movies and video clips. She has been in news for her MMS. She is known as one of thew sexiest babe in tinsel town. Meet Mona Chopra in a new look. In the photo she is wearing a blue bikini. But what is raising the sex appeal is the waist chain worn seductively around her hips and belly. Add to that the jewelry on fore head and you have the perfect Kamasutra babe who can seduce you by the hint of her cleavage or a sexy move of her hips. And wait, there is more. Sherlyn Chopra was recently offered to model for a condom ad! Unfortunately. the bombshell turned it down or you would have got visual feast of life.

Bipasha In A C Grade Movie

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Bipasha The Black Beauty C Grade Movie
A soft porn movie was released in year 2006 titled "Bipasha - The Black Beauty". It was a C grade movie and the popular Bollywood actress Bipasha Basu had nothing to do with it. But the name surely gave thrills to the audience of the movie. And it gave chills to Billo Rani who said the the movie is C grade with C grade actress. The actress of the movie Needhi gill sent notice to Bips for insulting her. These kind of movie have very low budget and have a huge market. Their low cost and quick turn around time inspires producers to go for these so called hot movies.

needhi gillNeedhi Gill
Bipasha.. is the story of a movie actress who is asked by her producer to sleep with him. But she refuses him. Irritated by the refusal he secretly makes a nude MMS of her sexual activities with her husband. The movie tells the story about how she gets out of the trouble.

Aishwarya B Grade Movie

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Aishwarya, B Grade Movie Poster
Do not run your imaginations too wild going by the name. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is not going to star in a B grade movie. But we are talking about a movie titled Aishwarya. Giving a popular name to a raunchy movie makes it popular. Add to this the tag-line that says Based On true Rumours. Now the title and tag-line purports to add the curiosity for the movie goers. Nor much is known about this soon to be released flick except that the shooting is done mostly at Mautitius.

Celina Jaitley Morphed Panty Pictures

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celina jaitley hot cleavage

actress cleavage in blouse

If you ask about just one hot actress who has got the sexiest and deepest cleavage in Bollywood, she is surely Celina Jaitley. The girl has got some really sexy assets and knows well how to flaunt them. At most of the functions she is seen in cleavage revealing dresses mostly in transparent sarees with deep cut blouse. On an occasion she almost bared her nipples. The photos are all over the web. These latest pics fromt he promo of her new movie Accident On The Hill road. Celina was in black saree and a matching blouse that left nothing to imagination. Needless to say, the sexy cleavage babe was center of attraction and shutterbugs were busy capturing her.

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A morphed photo of Bollywood bombshell Celina Jaitley has irritated her. A popular tech website morphed the picture of Celina Jaitley wearing panties with "Slide To Unlock" written on it. The actress is reported to go for taking legal action against the website. See the morphed photo below.

celina jaitley panty morphed photo
Photo Source

Neetu Chandra Creates Scandal In Bikini

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neetu chandra naked thighs in bikini
Neetu Chandra has created a new scandal. Recently, she was asked to leaved a hotel a Juhu when shooting for a sexy photoshoot for a glamour magazine. There was a top female model with her. Reportedly, both were dressed in skimpy bikini. The things got messy when their shoot turned too raunchy. The models became touching each other in a provocative way and started undressing each other. The whole thing look like a lesbian act! Some guests complained to hotel's manager. The shooting was canceled and the crew was soon asked to leave. Neetu says that the shoot was called off because a crowd of some 80 people gathered there and started passing lewd remarks.

Mallu Masala Aunty Thighs Show

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mallu masala aunty
She is getting mature in age but her oomph and sex appeal has survived the sands of time. She may not be getting mainstream roles but as mallu aunty she is irresistible. We are talking about sexy aunty Ramya Sree. Time and again, this mature actress has come up with hot photo sessions that make it it difficult to forget her. Sure, she is not getting many offers right now, but she must have compelled filmmakers to think about her. In this photo shoot, this mallu aunty is dressed in red hot and a jeans so short that it reveals 90% of her thick thighs. This photo has left many people salivating. In fact, she is all dressed in red. Red lipstick on lips with a mole nearby fires wild thoughts. A red goggle and high heel sandals of same color have made her look like a siren. Hope this photo reaches the intended person so that she can get a meaty role.

Payal Rohatgi's Tauba Tauba From Hot Scenes !

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payal rohatgi exposing her nude thighs and legs
Payal Rohatgi has gone wiser. Or so it seems. In a recent interview the siren talked about mistakes of her life. Payal feels that shedding clothes in the b grade movies like Tauba Tauba, Laila, Fun, Chetna, Ek Se Mera Kya Hoga and more was her mistake. And she may well be right. Today Payal's image is that of an actress who can throw away her clothes for any king of movie. The actress further explained that it is better to do hot scenes in the movies in which these are aesthetically filmed. So now it is all about where you show your hot body and not how much.

Neetu Chandra Hot Lesbian Pose Pics

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Some days ago siren Neetu Chandra was in news for her raunchy bikini act in a hotel. The shooting was cancelled. But we got some of the photos online. Here are the raunchy photos.

neetu chandra bikini lesbo act

neetu chandra bikini lesbian act

neetu chandra sexy lesbian pose

Actress Priyamani Nipples Pictures !

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priyamani nipple impression
Hot and steamy scenes are common in today's movies. To make the movie crowd puller, directors put a hot kissing scene, a bedroom scene, a suhagraat scene or a rain song in the movie apart from other glamour elements. And not to forget the bikini clad women who have become the regular feature. During the shooting of these hot sequences, many times some kind of malfunction occurs which exposes the actors and actresses a bit more than intended. During the editing, these scenes are fleshed out so that there is no censorship issue.

The same thing happened during the shooting of the hot rain song of movie Drona starring Priyamani. The buxom babe was doing the wet scene in transparent blouse which revealed a bit too much. Although those scenes were removed, some of the photograph were with some crew at the shooting. Now rumors are that the person has uploaded the photos of Priyamani exposing her nipples on the web. If that was not enough, some more revealing pics are reported to be with the same guy. Now, it is time for the heroine to get worried as those pictures can be uploaded on the web too.

South Indian Aunties

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Enjoy the photos of various aunties from south India exposing their assets.

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Kangana Ranaut Will Do A Nude Scene

Kangana Ranaut Will Do A Nude Scene

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kangana ranaut sexy legs
Kangana Ranaut is in news again and for the same reason she was sometimes ago when the Raaz 2 was to be released. At that time she came to lime light for her reported full nude scenes. Although there were no real naked scenes of Kangana in Raaz as body double was used, this time the girl may really go nude in a movie by Jagannath Puri. The actress has no qualms about giving sexy bed scenes and lovemaking scenes but appearing naked is the boldest thing an actress can do specially in Indian film industry. There are rumors that the script of the movie demands the actress to shed her clothes fully but to what extent it is not clear. It is unlikely that the actress will do full frontal but nobody knows the truth as yet and all we can do is wait till more details of movie are released.

Bathing Video Of Sexy aunty

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aunty ramyasri hot photo
Ramyasri is one of those actresses who have made their own niche in South Indian cinema. She has appeared in many movies as hot aunty. Since demand for aunty type of roles is very good, Ramyasri enjoys fair amount of popularity. Sometimes ago she was in news because of her bathing video which was doing rounds on the world wide web and became very popular. In fact, these type of videos and fake photos have boosted the demand for aunty kind of roles which is suitable for aging actresses as they are not able to get lead roles due to ever increasing competition. This time the clip has come back again to haunt the hot Indian aunty. The video is available on a leading video site and is getting a lot of hits. And the surprising fact is that the video contains no nudity. It just shows Ramyasri bathing in bra panty. Yet the video of this hot aunty is circulating as fast as swine flu!

Hot Navel Show Of Tamil Actresses

Hot Navel Show Of Tamil Actresses

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hot navel show

Navel is considered one of the most seducing and enticing part of a woman. A woman possessing deep and sexy belly button is immediately the center of attraction. Most of the South Indian movies use this fact to the fullest and show the actresses's navel in a very seducing manner. All big actresses like Naynatara, Trisha, Anushka, Shriya have exposed their navel in the most sexy manner to woo the audience and it has magical effect on their fans. Some of the fans watch the movie of their favourite actresses just for their hot navel show. Sexy senior actresses like Ramya, Rambha, Jayamalini and countless more are known for their very sexy songs in which they did not exposed much but the way they have shown their navels drove males crazy and longing for more.
hot navel show

Being the most sensual part it is very essential for women and girls to keep their navel clean. Some women even adore their navel with belly button jewelry. Indian women being voluptuous naturally possess plump belly and so a deep navel. But the most interesting thing is that the excess weight do not make them unattractive like most western people believe. There women and actresses become more adorable in the eyes of men. Take for instance, Namitha. This buxom babe has surpassed any norms of beauty prevailing in current times. With her overweight body anybody could write her off as plump and unattractive. But the fact is quite different. Namitha has a large number of fans both in India and abroad and is adored for her curvaceous body.

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Desi Sexy Masala Aunti

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bikini boobs thighs


nude back
topless nude

Sexy Wet Aunty In Saree Blouse Exposes Black Bra

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aunty wet

aunty black bra

aunty bra in blouse

Kiran Rathod is one of the most voluptuous babes in south cinema. Here she is wearing transparent pink saree that is wet and the matching pink blouse shows the black bra beneath it. And see the big navel that has become pronounced since her saree has clunged to it. This is the stuff male dreams are made of!

Nude Actress Sex Scene

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actress sex scene

The topless actress making love.

Boobs In Bra

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boobs in bra

Sexy Bride Hiding Her Figure

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sexy wife

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sania mirza

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