Monday, October 26, 2009

Actress Priyamani Nipples Pictures !

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priyamani nipple impression
Hot and steamy scenes are common in today's movies. To make the movie crowd puller, directors put a hot kissing scene, a bedroom scene, a suhagraat scene or a rain song in the movie apart from other glamour elements. And not to forget the bikini clad women who have become the regular feature. During the shooting of these hot sequences, many times some kind of malfunction occurs which exposes the actors and actresses a bit more than intended. During the editing, these scenes are fleshed out so that there is no censorship issue.

The same thing happened during the shooting of the hot rain song of movie Drona starring Priyamani. The buxom babe was doing the wet scene in transparent blouse which revealed a bit too much. Although those scenes were removed, some of the photograph were with some crew at the shooting. Now rumors are that the person has uploaded the photos of Priyamani exposing her nipples on the web. If that was not enough, some more revealing pics are reported to be with the same guy. Now, it is time for the heroine to get worried as those pictures can be uploaded on the web too.

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