Monday, October 26, 2009

Bipasha In A C Grade Movie

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Bipasha The Black Beauty C Grade Movie
A soft porn movie was released in year 2006 titled "Bipasha - The Black Beauty". It was a C grade movie and the popular Bollywood actress Bipasha Basu had nothing to do with it. But the name surely gave thrills to the audience of the movie. And it gave chills to Billo Rani who said the the movie is C grade with C grade actress. The actress of the movie Needhi gill sent notice to Bips for insulting her. These kind of movie have very low budget and have a huge market. Their low cost and quick turn around time inspires producers to go for these so called hot movies.

needhi gillNeedhi Gill
Bipasha.. is the story of a movie actress who is asked by her producer to sleep with him. But she refuses him. Irritated by the refusal he secretly makes a nude MMS of her sexual activities with her husband. The movie tells the story about how she gets out of the trouble.

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